Saturday, September 09, 2006


Hi Everyone! In response to overwhelming demand to know the daily goings on in our family, I have created this blog. Ok, no one really demanded, but it seemed like the hip new way to keep people informed. And it gives me an outlet to bounce around some thoughts I've had and to give my opinion on certain matters. I'm new to this, so we will see how it goes!
I plan on posting pics of the kids, as well as stories about the oldest, as he is in that "I say cute things all the time" phase. There are certain blogs that I frequent, so when they have interesting articles, I will post a link. If you have the leisure time to read, it will be worth it. Feel free to come back and comment - you know I am always up for a good debate! I also plan on posting some of the things I am learning at church. We are constantly being challenged to think, and until now, I haven't had an outlet with which to write my thoughts. So this may also be like a spiritual diary for me. I hope it blesses your soul.
That's all for now. Visit frequently and let me know what you think of the site!

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