Saturday, September 16, 2006

Precious Moments

We were out jumping on the trampoline tonight. It was a beautiful evening, perfect for some horseplay in the backyard. Sometimes when the big kids get on, Elijah gets a little scared, so I wasn't suprised when he came up to me, arms open wide, and said, "Mommy, hold me." I willingly wrapped my arms around him as he reciprocated, expecting to just cuddle while we gently bounced on the outer edges of the trampoline. So I was suprised when he said, "Now stand up." I promptly obeyed (you'd think this would be a lesson for him!) and he said, "Now jump real high!" I love seeing the dichotomy of little boy and little man. He was scared and needed his mommy, but at the same time wanted in on the "big kid" fun. These are precious momments.

We have been to the doctor's office a lot lately, between my chiropractic visits and Alli's well-baby appointments, and now Elijah's weird rash, so he is into playing doctor now. Tonight he walked around the yard with a stethescope around his neck diagnosing all the kids with "tummy aches." When he came to check me out, I asked him if I was sick and he replied, "No, you ok mommy. You just need bandaid."

Hope you enjoy the stories! Relish every precious moment you have!

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