Thursday, April 30, 2009

I have been sewing

Actually, I've been sewing a lot lately. But my computer will crash if I try to show you every picture in one post, so over the next few days I will try to post my latest projects.
For now you will have to be content with pictures of me sewing. And giving Dan the evil eye for taking pictures of me sewing. (It's not a very convincing evil eye, I know.)
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New pillows for our couch and chair. I have so much fun with Anna Maria Horner fabric!
* not sure why this post is under my last one, but I don't have time to figure it out. I can deal with it.
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I don't like this picture

Posted by PicasaI mean, it's cute and all, and it shows that my daughter's hair is actually growing, but I don't
like it.
Not one bit.
Why, you ask?
Isn't it obvious?
She looks at least 23 years old here. Okay, so maybe not 23, but definitely not 2 1/2! This picture makes her look like a girl. Not a toddler, and not my baby. And I don't like it.
At least she still has her chunky baby thighs . . .

Thursday, April 16, 2009

You Might be a Redneck if . . .

. . . you use the umbrella stand in your patio furniture to anchor your clothesline, and then proceed to hang clothes out to dry in 40 degree weather. A few hours later is started to sleet! I think it's time to get the dryer fixed, or else I need to convince myself that I'm saving the earth by reducing my carbon footprint here.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Great Intentions

I've had so many ideas for posts. They float around my head, forming themselves into sentence fragments and partially completed paragraphs, only to get shoved out with important information like, "I need to add bleach to my shopping list."

So my blog had deteriorated into cute anecdotes of my kids and pictures. Not that there's anything wrong with blogs like that, it's just not the only thing I intended for my blog.

Maybe one day I'll have the perfect combination for blogging: a quiet moment and a focused brain. I'm not holding out for one soon. In fact, this morning I was contemplating a post (focused brain) while the kids were still sleeping (quiet moment) when the magic was killed by Alli when she came downstairs complaining that she was "very poopy." I instructed her to get a pair of undies and wipes from her room. She disappeared upstairs and returned a moment later with the aforementioned undies, 2 dolls, a pillow and a tiny plastic pooh-bear figure. She forgot the wipes. So I sent her back to the bathroom to get wipes and she returned and proceeded to name all the characters from Peter Pan pictured on the box. I had her lay down to change her, when she decided she needed a pad to lay on, so she disappeared again to find the changing pad. Finally she returned and was ready to get changed. What should have taken less than 2 minutes ended up taking around 10. Do you see why I don't have time to blog?

Of course, I need to address the fact that kids are not an interruption to my life. They are the job I'm called to perform right now and I'm not complaining about it. It just makes doing all those other things that interest me more difficult. I'm not begging for sympathy, just a little understanding when you check my blog day after day and never see a new post. That's all I want - a little understanding. And maybe a big cup of coffee, with a blueberry muffin and a good book to read . . . and the quiet time to read it . . . and a clean house . . . and a full-time maid . . . and a slimmer body . . .

. . . but you get the point.

Monday, April 06, 2009

"Ooh, spicy!"
Alli's response to blowing her nose on a tissue from the new box of Puffs Plus with Vick's vapor.