Thursday, April 16, 2009

You Might be a Redneck if . . .

. . . you use the umbrella stand in your patio furniture to anchor your clothesline, and then proceed to hang clothes out to dry in 40 degree weather. A few hours later is started to sleet! I think it's time to get the dryer fixed, or else I need to convince myself that I'm saving the earth by reducing my carbon footprint here.


Linda C said...

I say if you are a redneck, you are also a genius! Sorry to hear about the dryer- that always throws a kink in life. I have had that experience several time over the years- no fun.

We were blessed to get a new washer and dryer a little over 2 years ago. Our previous ones lasted 20 years -with 8 in the family, not bad. But I am soooo thankful for the new ones:)

I think I send a prayer of gratitude up almost every time I use them:)


Miscellaneous From Missy said...


Sarah said...


I hung some sweaters outside on the deck railing the other day, and I was fearful that people would like I was a hick too. :-)

Ryan E. D. Hawk said...

Hey, if you are in need of a dryer, I have one sitting in my basement. It's the match to Tina's washer.