Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A Challenge to Women

I emailed this link to some friends some time ago, and was reminded of it by my sister-in-law this week. I went back to read it, this time printed it out, and decided it was worth linking to here. It is titled, "A Challenge to Women" written by John Piper, and it has been an encouragement to me when I feel like I don't have an "important" role in life, other than mixing up some chocolate milk for my oldest. I encourage you to read it and maybe print it out for yourself!


Gretchen said...

Hey, Donette!

I LOVE your blog!! I am so excited to see that you have one, because I have always felt "in the same vein" with you, and I think we would have TONS to discuss! It looks like you guys are doing great, and your kids are totally precious. It seems like you are embracing this rewarding life the Lord has blessed you with.

Josh and I are getting ready to move to Louisville Kentucky so that Josh can go to Southern Seminary. He is working toward getting an MDiv (he already started at Moody, but now he's transferring). I am excited about the big change with him, but I have no idea what all I will be doing there (working for sure!) Right now I work at a children's book store (SO fun -- like "you've got mail") and I teach P.E. at the YMCA (free membership), and do some tutoring. I decided awhile back that all day in a school was not for me . . .but I may have to start thinking like that soon!

Well, I will faithfully read your blog. I love this new way to catch up with everyone! It is more than talking, it is like thinking together about things. I just love it! Check out my blog, sometime!

Gretchen said...

By the way, that is GREAT article! I think I will print it off and share it with my Ladies Bible Study. Thanks!