Friday, September 15, 2006

Beware of bagged spinach

I don't usually succumb to these scare-tactic stories, but this one hit a little too close to home. Apparently, there have been multiple cases of ecoli coming from bagged spinach. One death has been reported, in Wisconsin, and 11 other cases of sickness in Milwaukee. Needless to say, the bag I have in my refrigerator is going straight into the garbage. This should make my mom really happy.
You can read the whole story on CNN.

Edit 12:22 PM
I now realize this story has been on all the news programs. This is what comes from a mother of 2 little ones: If the TV is on, it is on Barney or Bob the Builder. I don't get the luxery of watching news much anymore. I am lucky I get the chance to check a few websites every morning, and this is where I heard about the spinach. So you have probably already heard about bagged spinach, but in case this is one of a few sites you check while Barney is on, then now you know!

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