Thursday, November 30, 2006

Urgent Prayer Requests

My heart has broken for 2 families in our church as they face major trials. I post it here because I know my readers pray. Please do . . .
For Kate and Aeron, who are currently in the hospital facing preterm labor. Kate is only 23 weeks along, and less than a year removed from the 3 month premature birth of their last child, their little girl. Now Kate either spends the rest of the pregnancy in the hospital or at home on bed rest. This situation is familiar to me, and so my heart breaks for them and I plead to God to save this child for His name's sake.
Also for Jenni and Scott, whose one week old baby girl in currently in the NICU at Children's Hospital for seizures. She had her first one when she was only 5 days old. Some preliminary tests have come back good, but they will keep her on an anti-seizure medication for 6 months. This is their first child, and I can't imagine the fear that threatens to overwhelm them.
Praise God that both couples show great faith in these trials and that God has given them unmeasurable grace. Please bombard the Throne of God for both of these families. I will keep you updated.


Anonymous said...

Donette - I'm sorry to hear about these situations. I'll be praying for them!

Gretchen said...

Should we take only good from the hand of God, and not evil as well? It is great to hear that they are enduring faithfully. I will pray for them and their precious children!