Friday, December 01, 2006

Storm Stories

We woke this morning to a beautiful snowfall, with 6" already on the ground. It had been predicted, but as any school child whose hopes for a snow day will tell you, just because they say it is coming, doesn't mean it will! So it was a pleasant scene with which to wake. *Sigh*

Then reality sets in. No time to sip hot coffee and enjoy being indoors. It took Dan over 2 hours to get to work, it was coming down like a blizzard and Elijah was begging to go outdoors and play. I heard that it was going to taper off by noon, so my plans for shopping this morning were sidetracked, but the State Farm Christmas party tonight should still be good to go. I hop into the shower, trying to decide what to wear tonight, since I was going to try to find a new blouse (what an old-fashioned word!) to wear tonight. I get out and try on an older skirt and sweater that I haven't been able to wear for a while (pregnancies and all) and it fits! Problem solved.

Then I get the email from Dan - party cancelled. I was crushed. A night out, without kids, no more. Do you know how rarely we plan for a babysitter? So the decision was made that we are still going out! Em is still willing to watch the kids, Elijah is excited she's coming, we are going to take advantage of this! We'll probably do some Christmas shopping (sans kids - this is a big deal!) and have a bite to eat. Nothing exciting, but it's a date! And really, more exciting than a work Christmas party, although we may not eat as good. It doesn't matter, I'm still grateful for the storm!


Gretchen said...

I'm with you, I was hoping for a snowed in day, but only if that meant time to enjoy it. :)

Yea for the canceled Christmas party, because that means you get to do it later, right? Or at least you got to do this instead! I hope you got lots of good bargains!

Tonight must have been the night for Christmas parties. We had our Deacons/Trustees/Staff Christmas party at church tonight. It still feels to early to me. . . I do at least have the house decorated now.

Sarah said...

Donette, I know the sinking feeling of having a babysitter and "no place to go". I am glad you guys still got to spend some quality time together!
I heard you guys got tons more snow than us--did you only get 6 inches?

Donette said...

Gretchen, the Christmas party got rescheduled for January! And of all days, on Elijah's 3rd birthday! So we haven't decided whether or not we will go.

Sarah, we woke to 6" already on the ground. I'm not sure how much fell total, but probably close to 10 inches! The snow did stop by afternoon, and Alli went down for a nap, so Elijah and I got the chance to play outside with the sun shining and reasonably warm weather (for December 1). So I had a fun time with my boy and a date with my hubby. Who can complain about that?

Gretchen said...

Rats about the rescheduling issue! They didn't consult you guys first? :) Do you usually do a party for every birthday for your kids?

Donette said...

That's the plan so far. Of course, we've only celebrated 2 so far. We have good friends with whom we celebrate all the kids birthdays (remember Brad Owen and Julie Stevens?), since we don't have family around.

Gretchen said...

No fair that you guys live by Brad and Julie! How cool!

I am afraid that at this pace, I am going to be older than all my kid's friend's parents!