Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Particular Redemption

I have been following a debate on particular redemption on the Fundamentally Reformed blog lately. The doctrine summarized is the L in TULIP. Basically it states that Christ's death was limited for the elect and that His blood pays for the sins of them only. The debate has been very informative. I will admit that I don't understand all of the ramifications of the doctrine, and I am not the best apologist for it. But I do believe that Jesus came to redeem His people and that His death accomplished it (John 10:11). I believe that His death absorbed all the wrath of God, so that there is no more fear of punishment for the people of God (I John 2:2).
That being said, there is a valid argument that Wayne Grudem discusses in his Systemactic Theology book concerning the doctrine. It causes me to question the vehemence that some use when debating the doctrine. I quote him here:

"Scripture itself never singles this out as a doctrine of major importance, nor does it once make it the subject of any explicit theological discussion….In fact, this is really a question that probes into the inner counsels of the Trinity and does so in an area in which there is very little direct scriptural testimony—a fact which should cause us to be cautious…."

If you want to read a more in-depth discussion, I encourage you to read Bob's post on Fundamentally Reformed.
Wherever you fall in the discussion, I firmly believe that it is our responsibility as Christians to be informed, and to debate with the spirit of charity. I hope the debate encourages you to search out the Scriptures to determine what you believe. Be a good Berean and don't just listen to what others have to say, but discover God's truths for yourself!

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