Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I have been tagged by my good friend, Gretchen, requiring me to list 13 things I love about my husband. This shouldn't be too difficult . . . (BTW, I was going to post a great picture of him, but all I had on this computer was his bashed up and bloody chin from his sledding accident last winter. I didn't think this would be an accurate example of #12)

1. He is a wonderful father.
2. He is always willing to help me out around the house.
3. He is conservative with how we spend our money for ourselves, but generous beyond belief when it comes to helping others. This is truly a grace gift from God.
4. He eats my crummy pancakes. But hey, they stick with him like nothing else!
5. He stays busy. He is always working on a project or puttering in the garage. There are very few times he wants to just sit and do nothing.
6. He drives 45 minutes one way to work everyday just so our family could be closer to our church and friends. He knew I suffered from lonliness out in the corn fields of L.M. and was willing to do something about it.
7. Did I mention that he is a wonderful father? He is always willing to let Elijah help out with whatever he is doing and never acts as if Elijah is getting in his way, although we all know a 2 year old helping Dad makes the job go longer than necessary!
8. He is extremely patient with others.
9. He gives people the benefit of the doubt.
10. He loves and serves the True God.
11. He puts up with me.
12. He is handsome beyond belief!
13. He is a marvolous husband and loves me unconditionally.

What a good exercise to partake in! I should do this more often. I am now responsible for tagging 2 others, but since I have a very limited blogroll, I shall move this to email!


Mr Wonderful said...

Boy, your husband sounds perfect!!!
You must be living in wedded bliss :)

Gretchen said...

Okay, is "Mr. Wonderful" Dan?

Hee hee!

Good Job, Nettie!

Donette said...

You might notice that Dan often comments with a variety of psuedonyms. However, he says "The Flying Purple Hippo" that has commented recently isn't him - so I have no idea who it is!

Anonymous said...

O.K. #1 and #6 are identical.
#11 is a subset of #13.
By my count, you cold only come up with 11 things. Mr Wonderful isn't so perfect after all!

Steph said...

Hey Donette
I saw you and I were both tagged by Gret so I decided to see what you wrote.
Your kids are adorable. I have an Elijah too! Great minds think alike.
Stephanie (Reese) Tidwell

Gretchen said...

Well, you might let anonymous know that he needs to pay a little attention to the spell check. Mistaking "cold" and "could" is an easy mistake, but I guess anonymous is not perfect either! :)

Are you having a good Thanksgiving?