Sunday, November 12, 2006

Respecting your Husband

I found a great link on Pyromaniacs this past week. Not that this is a rarity, I find valuable articles there all the time. It is one of the websites that is worth reading every day. Don't be fooled by all the logos and perceived silliness, these men are serious theologians who routinely write piercing pieces and devotionals, and manage to summerize current trends and controversies in a God-centered way that leave me thinking, "I wish I had thought of it that way first!"

So the article is about the dreaded topic of submission in marriage, or more specifically, respecting your husband. Married or not, it is totally worth your while to read. Read Dan Phillip's Questions for a Godly Wife, while you are at it.

Respecting your husband is a topic I have been thinking of a lot lately. My mother-in-law and I have discussed it on numerous occasions. It is easy to talk about but not so easy to do. If you take an honest look at how you think of your husband when he disagrees with you or does something different than you would, it is easy to see that respecting him is the furthest thing from your mind or actions. The article was a gift from God to remind me of this principle.

By the way, I have heard that if you include a link to Pyromaniacs on your site, there is a good chance to get Blogspotted by them. We'll see if it works for a silly little blog like mine.

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Gretchen said...

I spent the past hour reading post after post on the subject. Thanks for the post.

My own insight? Every time I think "boy, I sure have a good marriage. What's the big deal with everyone else?" Josh does something that REALLY hurts my feelings or bothers me in some other way, and I am instantly convicted by my reaction. I fear God does not want us to make an idol out of marriage. He'll show us just how imperfect we are.

P.S. I do really think that I have one of the best marriages around, due mostly to my wonderful husband! :)