Thursday, March 07, 2013

March 7th - My Dream Job

I think I'm supposed to begin this post by saying, "I've already got it, baby!" After all, I am home with my kids and able to teach them daily instead of having to send them off to school. And while it is an extreme privilege I don't take lightly, it can also be genuinely difficult, frustrating and exhausting.

So yes, there are days I dream of shuffling the little angels off to school and showering and dressing in something other than yoga pants and having my hair done and perfect makeup to go off into my world of adult interaction and fulfillment in a career. But it isn't what God has for me now, and I really am fine with that, but a girl can still imagine her dream job, right?

I know more about myself now than I did when I went to college and got a degree in education. I know now that my utmost desire is not to work in a traditional classroom, but my first love is still speech and drama, on which my education degree was centered. (I may or may not have spent last Saturday at a nesting bird seminar silently evaluating each public speaker and imagining how I could coach them to be more dynamic presenters.)

Occasionally Dan and I, and maybe the kids, get to attend a local theater production. While I appreciate all that goes on on the stage, I find myself drawn to the lights, the music, and the scenery the most. I adore letting my mind wander to the scene designer's choices and how s/he came up with the design. I visualize the light board and fantasize about being the one sitting at it and working the show. More than once I've left a show and started rambling to Dan on how I would love to work behind the scenes, maybe even as a volunteer, just to be back in the theater.

If the day comes when I do decide to shuffle the kids off to school, or heaven forbid, they actually choose to move away, I think my first order of business will be looking into the local theater scene and worming my way back in.

Or maybe I'll open a fabric shop. Or work at a local yarn store. Or start my own book club. Oh, maybe I should run for public office. Or write a cookbook . . . we are talking about dreams here, aren't we?

Okay lovely readers, I want to know what your dream job is!


Sandra Stark said...

Loved this post. I think I have my dream jobs, IB work and theater. Maybe your kids will eventually like theater too.

Missy said...

Fun! I also LOVE the theater, but I live for the acting part rather than the production part. When our kids are grown, you produce the play that I'll act in. Deal?