Wednesday, March 06, 2013

March 6th - Random Act of Kindness

I think I was supposed to write about my most recent random act of kindness, but I don't like to talk about myself (HA - this blog is about my life, right?) But seriously, I do believe that trumpeting my good deeds to the world accomplishes the exact opposite of what I want. It makes much of me, instead of my Savior, whose love compels me toward good deeds, and it diminishes the joy you receive by kindness. Instead, I'll follow Missy's lead and talk about a random act of kindness done to me.

This past summer, we attended a birthday party for a friend from college. It was at a park and while our kids happily ran around with all the other little munchkins there, I sat and talked with one of my dearest friends for most of the evening. At some point, another person sat down and started talking to the two of us. She was a friend of a friend and after introductions were made, she started asking really good questions that kept the conversation flowing, instead of that awkward silence that usually follows a cold introduction. I casually mentioned Dan and I had taken up sailing (and by Dan and I, I mean Dan). She loves sailing and we talked for quite a while about the joys and my fears surrounding the sport. At the end of the evening, she casually said she'd look me up on Facebook and we parted ways.

Months have passed, and other than seeing her occasional update on my news feed in Facebook, we haven't interacted at all. A few weeks ago she posted a question about a book I've been wanting to read and I commented that I should buy it, but I keep waiting for my library to get it in so I don't have to spend the money. She quickly messaged me asking for my address and a few days later the book arrived in my mailbox. Totally unexpected act of kindness, which completely made me giddy for the rest of the day.

What book did she send me? You'll have to wait until the 11th, when I plan to write about the last book I read.

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Missy said...

Now, I know I commented on this post when I first read it. Where did my comment disappear to? The great mysteries of life...

Anyway, very cool to have a fun almost-friend like that.