Sunday, March 10, 2013

March 10th - Daily Routine

Here is my typical Monday, which looks a lot like Wednesday and Thursday:

6:00-6:30 AM: shower and get dressed for the day (i.e. slip back into comfy yoga pants)

7:30 - Make eggs or oatmeal for family breakfast. Sometimes we cheat and eat cold cereal, but I try not to do that often.

8:00 - clean up kitchen, check email and facebook, read a bit of Scripture or another book.

9:00 - School starts. The kids and I usually start the day off reading about another nation and praying for them, then we read our history lesson.

9:30 - Kids start on their seat work. I work with them on individual subjects like math and language arts until around noon.

12:00 - lunch, which is usually PB&J for the kids and leftovers for me. (Anyone ever wonder how much peanut butter they've eaten in their lifetime? I'm scared to think how many jars I've eaten!)

1:00 - My parents get home from their job and me and the kids usually hang out with them for a bit, catching up on the day and looking for birds.

2:00 - Read science to the kids and any read-aloud book assigned. Right now we are reading "The 21 Balloons" which I remember from my 5th grade year as one of the coolest books ever. I think I over-hyped it, as the kids aren't as excited about it as I was.

3:00 - chores around the house. You know, exciting stuff like supper preparation and laundry.

5:30 - dinner when Dan gets home

6:00 - I go to Jazzercise

7:00 - come home to whatever craziness has ensued while I was absent. Sometimes we play board games (my 9 year old just licked both Dan and I in Monopoly - watch out, world, he's a tycoon!), sometimes we watch DVR'd episodes of Little House on the Prairie or Duck Dynasty, or see what's on PBS, sometimes we read a book.

8:30 - kids to bed, Dan and I usually read or watch TV until bed.

10:30 - lights out, just like the good ol' days at MBBC.

Tuesdays we volunteer for a few hours in the morning, so our school day is much lighter, and Fridays we try to have a short day so we can enjoy Dan being home, if he is able to swing it. Come warmer weather, TV watching will become almost non-existent as we love to be outside. Can't wait for that to happen!

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Missy said...

I like your days. They sound interesting and laid back from this side of the screen.

Lights out at PCC was 11:00, so your reference amused me. :-)