Tuesday, March 05, 2013

March 5th - Favorite Movies I Never Get Sick of Watching

Ummm, did you notice my #5 on this post? I am not, nor ever have been, a movie person. I'll watch it, but most likely I'll fall asleep and miss the most important parts. Sorry, but movies are not my cup o' tea. But if I have to do this, here are a couple that I don't mind watching more than once:

#1. Pride and Prejudice, the BBC version. I own this - that alone should show you how much I value this production, since our movie collection only has about 6 titles.

#2. The Harry Potter Series. Loved the books, loved the movies. Won't let my kids watch past #2 yet, but I still desire to own them all.

#3. The Princess Bride. Only because it reminds me of almost every get-together I ever had as a teenager.

And my guilty pleasure:

#4. Tommy Boy. I'm a sucker for slapstick comedy and this too reminds me of my high school days.

Just so you know, I'm slightly embarrassed to have just admitted to that last one. 

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Missy said...

Somehow, I missed reading this post before. Princess Bride is one of my very favoritest movies! The book is even better! (Of course!)