Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Shameless Plug

I don't think I've ever mentioned it here before, but I sell Mary Kay Cosmetics. I've been a consultant for a little over 2 years, mostly because I LOVE their products! Well, they have a new product on the market that I absolutely adore. I just bought their Mineral Powder Foundation and I am amazed how well it works. I have always been a liquid foundation girl, prefering light to medium coverage (depending on my complexion on any given day) and have always been pleased with MK's medium-coverage foundation. But I ordered the new mineral powder to try it out and I will rave about it here.

It goes on ultra-light, so you can barely feel it. It blends beautifully, giving my skin (which is, by no means perfect) a silky-smooth look and feel. And the great thing about the mineral powder is that it is actually good for your skin! It offers buildable coverage, so you can wear it as light or as heavy as you like, and all in one jar. No need to buy different foundations for different coverage!

Okay, so I think I have made my point. I am very happy with this product. So here is my offer to you, my loyal readers. If you are interested in ordering, contact me via this post, and I can work with you to determine the color choice you would need. Then I will ship it to you FREE OF CHARGE, which is always my offer to out of town or state customers.

If you are looking for a great foundation, you must try this! The foundation is 18 dollars, and for 28 you can get the foundation and specialized brush for application in an attractive black bag. You must order by contacting me, since I do not have a Mary Kay website.

Have a BEAUTIFUL day!


Karen said...

Since I wear very little make up. I have an, Im sure very LAME question.

Is this a foundation or a powder? I am interested.

Donette said...

Not a lame question at all, Karen. It is actually both! It is a powder, applied with a brush, but covers like a foundation. In fact, I use a regular powder over top to control shine, also.

Karen said...

Sign me Up.

Donette said...

Ok, Karen, email me at
donette at live dot com
and we can connect from there.

Karen said...

okay, I did. I hope I understood you right about the address.