Thursday, February 14, 2008

Abridged 14 Days of Valentine's

Last year, my friend Rachel described how she lavished gifts on her husband for the first 14 days of February to show her love for him, and to focus on giving, rather than receiving on this Hallmark holiday.

I decided then and there that I would do the same this year. However, lack of planning found me midway into February with no gifts given. The old adage says late is better than never, right? and so I focused on an abridged, 7 days of Valentine's instead.

I have tried to surprise Dan with a little gift every day, including his favorite candy, a fun conversation game, a musical card (I can't fight this feeling anymore . . .), and other various gifts. Today I left chocolate-cherry kisses in his car, as well as taping homemade Valentine's that the kids made on his steering wheel. And to remind him all day long that I love him, I am cluttering his email inbox with love song lyrics and Scripture verses about love. And when he gets home tonight, he will see the heart-shaped cookies that the kids and I will make and decorate today.

An abridged version, but fun nonetheless.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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Karen said...

The "I can't fight this feeling anymore card" is my girls most favorite commercial this past week. They think it is hilarious! ROTF!