Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Our Alli

I feel like I've posted a lot of pictures of Elijah lately, and hardly any of Alli. Granted, his birthday was a few weeks ago, but I thought I should post about my little baby girl, who is definately not a baby anymore! She is almost 20 months old, and a joy to our family. She wakes up every morning wanting to give big hugs to her brother, wanting a bow in her hair, and wanting to eat! She giggles and smiles like she realizes how cute we think she is, and has a will stronger than iron. She wants to do everything Elijah does, which includes coloring, helping me cook, and running from her daddy when he plays monster.

Her 2nd birthday is just a few months away and she already wants to sleep in a big bed. She LOVES other kids and is quite social, except when they try to play with one of her favorite toys! She follows the "big kids" around and tries to mimic all they do. I can't wait to see what things she will try outdoors when it (finally) gets warm!

We adore you, Alli. And we are enjoying every moment that God is giving us with you!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture and post!

Sara Mincy said...

She is adorable! That is a great photo.

Thanks for the encouragement about Skye. It is good to know that someone elses toddler is just as naughty (when sick, or otherwise!) And it makes a lot of sense that they would scream, etc at this stage when they cannot explain their pains.

Jana said...

That is the cutest picture. Did you take it yourself? Such a sweetheart!