Sunday, January 28, 2007

Motorcycle Man

This was, by far, Elijah's favorite birthday present. It is a bicycle with training wheels meant to look like a Harley. Appropriate, since we live in Wisconsin, don't you think?
We completed the look of a tough, motorcycle man with his sunglasses and a bandana on his head. He can ride the bike in a circle around our dining room table. We are allowing it now, since the bike hasn't seen the outdoors yet. But once spring is here and the tires touch asphalt, it will stay outside!


mitchells2000 said...

Sweet Bike! My hubby wants a motorcycle so bad, but I told him that if he wants a motorcycle, he better get a different WIFE! This one has seen too many of the remains of motorcycle accidents to willing allow my family to be in that kind of danger. Anyway... the bike lookin' like a Harley is pretty sweet! :-)

Sarah said...

Oh my word! That is hilarious, Donette! What a cutie....and I cannot believe he is 3 already. Enjoy your little Harley man. :-)

Hindto said...