Friday, January 12, 2007

Kitchen Gadgets

Any of my friends who know me well can attest to my love of kitchen gadgets. A Pampered Chef kitchen party is like Christmas to me. There is always some kitchen aid that I think I need to make my life of cooking easier, (see this post) and my favorite channel on TV is the Food Network. If ever challenged by my hubby on how many gadgets I need, my customary answer is "These are my tools, just like you have tools in your workshop. No, I don't use them everyday, but when I am doing a specific job, they make it easier." So all of that to say, I just got 2 new tools for my kitchen!
I had some gift certificates from Christmas for Kohl's and I finally bought myself an electric can opener! Since I have started doing the "once a month cooking" thing (which reminds me, I must write a post about that!) I end up opening dozens of cans and quite often get quite the hand cramp from it! It probably doesn't sound like that much of a specialty tool, but I've never had one and I am really excited about it!
My other kitchen tool was quite the find. I was at Sam's Club and found a beautiful Cuisinart coffee grinder that stores the beans before it grinds them. Normally a $50 appliance, Sam's Club had it for only $30! I couldn't pass it up and have been enjoying the even grinding of my favorite coffee every morning since.
I thought all you "kitchen geeks" would enjoy hearing about my purchases!


Morning Rose said...

I love my Pampered Chef tools also. I used many today, as I made a big pot of wild rice soup. The garlic press, food chopper, and cutting board are some of my favorites.

A new item I purchased before Christmas is the suds pump. You put a little dish soap in there, add water, and then the suds pump makes the dish soap all foamy. You save on soap, and it's something you use every day.

Kelley said...

Oh Donette, we are truly alike. :)