Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Celebrating Allison

I figured it was time to post about Alli, since I have been posting so many pictures of Elijah! Here she is with her loving Grandpa W., and as always, fingers in mouth! She cut her first tooth on Elijah's birthday, when she was just over 7 months old.
She loves to be in her saucer, although she is starting to appreciate the Jonny Jump-Up that I use only occasionally upstairs. Now that she has mastered jumping, she really goes to town!

After a lesson in crawling from her dad, she takes a rest on our bedroom floor. It makes me laugh when everyone is so excited for her to learn to crawl. I'm the one who will be chasing her all day and blocking the whole family in with gates on all the stairs! And the plants . . . I'm not looking forward to fighting that one again! But I know it will come soon enough!


amy manahan said...

There is no denying that Alli is your child!! She is so cute!!
As my boys get older, I find my self "upsizing." I have rid my house of all my baby stuff, and find that the boys use bigger silverware, drink out of bigger cups, and wear bigger clothes. I miss those tiny cute little items, but am excited for my boys to face the big world.
Good luck with the plants!!

mitchells2000 said...

It has been said that you spend the first two years of your child's life trying to teach them how to walk and talk. The rest of their lives, you spend telling them to sit down and shut up! (or be quiet, for a nicer term!) Good luck!
Alli is adorable... I love her cheeks! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. It's nice to know someone reads what I write... in all its detail! :-)

Anonymous said...

Your kids are precious! I try to equalize the photos of my kids on my blog too. When I look at pictures of my boys in their early years, I miss those days too! Enjoy them while they are young.