Sunday, July 27, 2008

More Pictures

Dan's brother Mike and his wife Jennifer and their two boys came to stay with us after Grandma's party and we all went to the zoo.

Alli decided that she would pull her cousin Josiah around in the wagon.Amazingly enough, we were so busy enjoying the beautiful weather while camping (as opposed to other years) that we didn't take many pictures. These were taken the evening that we all headed down to the beach for family pictures. Dan took these.

One more post of pictures and I'll quit boring you! We were able to spend this past 4 days at a cottage on a lake, so we enjoyed boating and swimming - more pics to come soon!


Karen said...

How did you do the tinting on the pictures?

Lisa (Morning Rose) said...

Neat pictures! I was also wondering about the tint.

Donette said...

Dan did the tinting. But I think he just played with the hue and saturation levels that are available in most photo programs. He's the processing guy!