Monday, July 28, 2008

And Even More Pictures

We spent 4 days at a cottage on a lake last week and enjoyed every moment! Elijah made some big strides in his bravery quotient, by choosing to tube behind the boat by himself and to swim in water over his head - with his life jacket on, of course!

Allison got a new life jacket, and chose a Barbie one. She's such a girl. She swam some, but thought the water was too cold to stay in very long.

I snapped a few pics of some really "unique" cottages on the lake. I want to play with the pics a little bit and then frame them for our cottage.
We came home and discovered ripe zucchini in our garden! This was a big moment for us, since this is our first try at gardening and we planted late because of the flooding. I've already picked enough to make 4 loaves of zucchini bread and given some away. Dan thought we should document this momentous achievement on film.

I'm too excited to wait for the bread.
Our August is REALLY busy, so posting may be sparse. In the meantime, enjoy the last few days of summer before the business of fall sets in!


The Wenthold Family said...

DO NOT remind me that fall is almost here again!!! When are we going to the apple orchard???

Anonymous said...

Elijah is very brave! How fun to go boating by your cottage.

Crazy Mom said...

I have a zucchini recipe for you! I'll email it later.

I love the idea of the "unique" cottages framed for your cottage! That's such a cool idea!

I can't believe Elijah went tubing by himself! :) He's growing up SO fast! :)

Sarah said...

Oh, he is so cute peeking out of the tube!

I am so jealous--I adore zucchini and find a way to put it in everything during the summer. :-) Josh isn't so big of a fan.... Have fun baking!