Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lots of Pictures

We've had a busy month, and we've taken a lot of pictures. I'll try to update the blog over the next few days with pictures from our hectic life. This is Alli's 2 year pic. A little less than traditional, but I couldn't resist that look and those eyes! We think you are beautiful, baby!

These next pics are from Great Grandma's 80th Birthday party, which we celebrated on the 4th of July.Elijah and Dan and his two brothers, Mike (on left) and Tim (right).
My wonderful Mother-in-Law, Barb, and 2 sister-in-laws, Noelle (center -Tim's wife) and Jennifer (far right - Mike's wife). This isn't the best picture, but we had something like 5 people trying to get a shot of us all at once.

Elijah looking cute.
With these next few pictures, Dan played with the color saturation and made them very vibrant. Between the two of us, we have a lot of fun with our new camera. I like to take photos of people and Dan prefers scenery, but he is much more skilled than I, and has the patience to really work on a photo to make it the best it can be. I just snap away and hope for a decent shot!
Alli is wearing her party dress, a present from her Grandma and Grandpa.

Elijah's feet -hey, they actually look clean here!

Elijah and Alli. Always cracking each other up.
Our week gets pretty busy tomorrow, but I'll try to get some more pics up by the weekend.


shudson said...

I love the pics where the saturation was changed! Are you doing that on your camera or in Photoshop?

Anonymous said...

Great shots! I think your kids look a lot like you. When it comes to photography, I like to take a whole bunch and hope a few turn out well.

Crazy Mom said...

Awesome pictures!!! I just love Alli's dress! So adorable!

Donette said...

Thanks everyone!

shudson - we don't have photoshop, so I know Dan did it on our cheap photo processing program that came on our computer, but I'm not sure how! His brother, Mike, showed us some new tricks, so that might have been one of them. It really does make a difference in the vibrancy of the colors, though!
Hopefully we'll see you in a couple of weeks when we come down and then you can ask him how he did it.

Sarah said...

Your camera takes AWESOME pictures! I am a little jealous....our camera is adequate but I would love to do more. :-)

(I love the foot one the best...)

Hope you guys are doing well. We do not miss WI weather, that is for sure. It is beautiful out here!

Gretchen said...

Those pictures with the vibrant colors are AMAZING!!!!!!!! They remind me of the ones on GirlTalk. The one of Alli in her dot dress is awesome.

Thanks for the birthday wishes, friend!