Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Boring Life

I've been trying to think of a new post for a week now. I'm completely devoid of any ideas. Our life has been in it's normal routine, I haven't even taken any new pictures! I'm hoping to get some in the next few weeks from our friend's wedding that we went to on Saturday. Somehow both Dan and I forgot to bring a camera and our kids provided ample photographic moments! I'm hoping most for a good picture of Dan dancing with Allison during the father/daughter dance. It made me cry :).
So, until then, or until I can come up with something worth saying, I probably won't have a new post. Sorry to dissapoint you all . . .


Miscellaneous From Missy said...

No disappointment. Just wait until you have something worth saying. We'll still love you! :-)

Linda C said...

I told Amanda (age 17 now) that she had better start doing and saying some really cute stuff for my new blog.:)
I enjoy reading the moms' reports of all the cute things their little ones say. Think I'll be talking about grandkids:)

Karen said...

Someone who shares my sentiments of late...nothing to share or post....just life in the fast lane....quite boring for most. I'm not even reading anything right now to share about. I think it's that I am feeling a HUGE let down (in a good way) from being gone 7 weeks out of this summer (away from home)

I've not even been on the computer. For me....that speaks volumes.

I got a new book today from a friend called " Season's of a Mothers Heart" Any good reads lately? I'm itchin' to get into soemthing.

Hugs to you, Donette!