Monday, May 05, 2008

Baby J

This little guy was so happy! We didn't have to work too hard to get some great smiles out of him. He has an infectious laugh. How can you resist this?
I'm loving this one. See those two bottom teeth? They just embody a classic baby picture.
By the way, have you ever noticed that taking a baby's clothes off almost always results in pure happines? This was fun. What can be better than spending time with friends and making their babies smile?


joshwenthold said...

once again, they look great... i am really looking forward to getting the new camera now!

sarah said...

Thanks Donette! They are so cute! What a pro! Thanks for taking them! You can give Penny's a run for their money anytime!

Morning Rose said...

Great pictures!

Elizabeth said...

Awesome pictures - I wish my pictures of Elliott turned out that well!