Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Spiderman Birthday

After a 5 day battle with something flu-like, I finally felt better in time to celebrate Elijah's Spiderman birthday on Saturday. My mom was here, as well as my in-laws, and Elijah received the full birthday experience: cake, ice cream, presents, and even a birthday spanking! (this was the first year we could do that and explain it wasn't because he had disobeyed!)
This was the birthday cake he requested - I chose chocolate because we both love it!
I can't resist his smile! Alli enjoyed the cake as well. She was pretty blue by the time the cake was gone!
He got some fun presents, like a combine to play with, a Hot Wheels race track, a Leap Frog alphabet toy, Hungry Hippos (I have great memories of that game as a child), a UPS truck and a scooter for outside play come warmer weather.
Enjoying a game of Hungry Hippos with his Daddy and his Grandpa.
It was a full weekend, but we had a blast. He is already talking about turning 5 and naming all the things he would like to get for that birthday. I'm hoping the birthday buzz wears off soon, though, since he has been pretty hyper since all the company, cake and presents.


Sara Mincy said...

Happy B-day! Looks Like fun!

My Wil is turning 5 tomorrow- and I had no idea what to get the kid....until I saw the hungry hippo game- good idea!

Gretchen said...

Oh, man, Hungry Hippos is good times! The only drawback is that if you get a marble stuck under your hippo's mouth, you have to shout at your brother and sister to stop while you knock it out or your hand will get chomped by the other hippos and they will get all the marbles besides.

We kept this game at my grandma's forever, I think. It's probably still there!

Morning Rose said...

We have lots of the same toys at our house, including Hungry Hippos. It is loud but fun, and a throwback to our own childhood memories. :)