Saturday, May 19, 2007

Time Away

My parents are wonderful people. We had previously arranged for them to have Elijah until the Memorial Day weekend when we go to their house, and they decided they could take Alli, too! So yesterday morning they left with both my babies and Dan and I went into overdrive. We went on a long walk with Sadie, came home to shower, left to go to Home Depot and Lowe's, came home for lunch, left to spend the afternoon on the boat, came home to eat supper, and finished our day out at the mall. Whew! What extra time we must have wasted when we didn't have kids!!!

So here is a pic of me in the boat. It was only the 3rd time she's been out this season and it was a great day for her. We tried a new lake and had a blast exploring all the inlets and admiring the beautiful homes on the lake. Someday we want to live on the water, but until then, we will be content enjoying it for the afternoon.
Today promises to be less crazy. We must paint our master bath with the paint we bought at Home Depot, and then we will install some new light fixtures. I hope to be able to post the before and after pictures in the coming days.
Off to work on my projects! Have a great weekend!