Thursday, March 29, 2007

Testimony Tuesday

I just got this tip from Tina:

Tim Challies ("The World's Most Famous Christian Blogger" as dubbed by the men at Pyromaniacs) has sent out a challenge for all bloggers to post their testimonies on Tuesday, April 3rd. What fun for us all to get to know one another on an even more personal basis by sharing how we came to embrace Christ! You can send an email to Tim and he will include you in a list. He also encouraged those of you who visit blogs, but don't have your own, to include your testimony in the comments section of one or any of the blogs you enjoy.

I know that I will be participating, what about you?


Anonymous said...

Ever since I saw the movie about September 11th flight United 93, I had been thinking of sharing my testimony on my blog. I'll make a note to post it on Tuesday.

Gretchen said...

OOo! Sounds great! I think I might!

Anonymous said...

Hi Donette - In case you don't make it back into the post over at Pyromaniacs, just wanted to let you know that you were right on with your comment. :)

You spurrd me on to post a similar observation.