Tuesday, March 06, 2007

More of the "Secret"

I thought the information presented on Oprah about "The Secret" was bad, just wait until you read this post about what the book says. Incredible and sickening.
HT: Tina


mitchells2000 said...

Wow - that is scary stuff! No wonder it's a best seller... everyone wants to be a god, right? Thanks for the post, and the reminder... I'm so glad that GOD is not like me!

Anonymous said...

After reading the post, it made me wonder, if people think they are gods, what happens when they die? Does the world still revolve around them?

It's good that we know the truth of God's Word. The truth will set us free!

hartgirlies said...

Well, if it isn't my favorite sophmore! How are ya? It has been a long time.
Isn't is sad that someone that has so much influence on people, like Oprah, has been sucked into this kind of thinking? How can she claim to be "Christian" with those types of views?
I would love to talk to you!
Shelly Rimshas Hart