Thursday, May 21, 2015

Stitch Fix #1

Wow. Who knew I even still had access to this blog? Well, since I am here after an over 2 year break, I might as well tell you why.

I signed up for the online style company, Stitch Fix, and commented on Facebook about getting my first fix yesterday. Seems like a lot of friends have either never heard of it, and wanted details, or have thought about joining and wanted to know how it worked for me. So instead of boring those FB friends who could care less about my wardrobe choices, I decided to dust off the old blog and add a few pics and my review of my first Stitch Fix.

You can learn all about it on their website, but here is my quick explanation of how Stitch Fix works:
1. You sign up at the link above (that gives me a small referral bonus), answer a lot of questions about your personal style, sizes, preferences of dressiness, cost for each item, etc . . . and they send you a box of 5 things, personally picked for you from one of their stylists.
2. There is a $20 styling fee, which is subtracted from the price of anything in your box you choose to keep. Obviously, there is a huge advantage to keeping at least one thing!
3. You have three days to decide what you want to keep and they include a pre-paid envelope to send back anything you don't want.

You can customize it in so many ways. You can send a message to your stylist asking for specific things, like a dress to wear to a wedding or a pair of ankle jeans (that was my request this month!) You can set your preference for how often you get a fix - anything from once every 2-3 weeks to waiting 3 months between fixes. You can link your profile to a Pinterest board showing your own personal style and when you checkout online after you've made your decisioin about what to keep, you can be very specific with your stylist on what you liked or did not like about what they sent you. Oh, and they send you a style card with each item to suggest ways to wear it. Apparently, after a few fixes, they start suggesting how to pair it with things they have already sent you!

All in all, it seems like a no-brainer for me, as dragging my kids into a store to shop is torture, for them and me. And since I do so much of my shopping at Kohls or Target, it seemed like a great way to try something new.

One more note: I'm going into this with a willingness to spend more on quality items than I have in the past. I've decided I must love it to keep it and if I love it, and I know I'll wear it, then I'll spend more than the typical Kohl's sale price I'm used to. I'm at the stage in life that I'm sick of buying things that last only one season because they are so cheaply made. Also, it has to be versatile and work with other things in my closet. I'm not into a single outfit costing that much if I can't mix it up. my disclaimer in case you get sticker shock with prices, which I've decided to include to help you have an accurate view of the process.

Okay, on to my first fix! Here is what they sent me:

Eamon Utility Vest

Collective Concepts
Pamela V-neck Blouse
White Button Neck Striped Shift Dress
Mavi Gold
Aides Ankle Length Skinny Jean
and . . .
Jill Michael
Aurelia Double Teardrop Necklace
 I LOVE the blouse. Totally not something I would have ever taken off the rack to try on. I usually stick to solids on top, but this was a fun choice. I know I could mix it with other things in my wardrobe, so it was instantly a keeper. The jeans fit me well, and Dan said he liked them, so they are keepers also.
 Pardon my jaundiced-looking skin here. I don't have a personal photographer. This is the necklace. I'll be honest, I wouldn't usually pay this much for a necklace, and Dan and I had a discussion as to whether I should just go to Kohl's or Old Navy to find something I like, but I really do LOVE this necklace, and I love that they sent it along because it works well with both outfits. So technically I'm still on the fence about keeping it, but I'm leaning towards it.
This is the second outfit, which my stylist told me to pair together. I really wanted to love it, but the material on the shift dress was too thin, and kinda clung to those parts I like to hide. And I don't think I would wear it in the summer, with the long sleeves. Too bad, because the price was good and I really liked it paired with the vest. I had specifically asked for an olive vest for layering, but I found an olive jacket at Old Navy a few weeks ago for WAY cheaper and I can't justify paying that much for such a trendy item. It was a beautiful vest, though. Great feel to the fabric and good length. But this outfit didn't match my requirements of LOVING IT and VERSATILITY, so back it goes.

Well, there you go! My first Stitch Fix and I'm sold. Can't wait until my next one arrives!

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