Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pioneer Woman's Pizza

I spied this recipe the other day on my most-favorite website, The Pioneer Woman, and decided right there on the spot that I must try it. What could be better than caramelized onions on a pizza? So on my next outing to the grocery store, I picked me up some prosciutto and came home to make the pizza crust.

Now let me just tell you, the pizza crust is easy and delicious. I've been looking for a good recipe, and my only complaint is that you need to make it about 2 hours before you start the pizzas. But trust me, it was so good it was worth the wait.

The picture above shows the results of following the recipe exactly. Wow. She wasn't lying. That was one good pizza. But I will admit that because there is no sauce on the dough, it was just a *tad* dry for me. So I made it again last night, with a very thin layer of Sweet Baby Ray's sauce under the cheese and we liked it even more. So much that we didn't share it with the kids - they were content to eat corn dogs!

The star of this pizza is the caramelized onions, so if you really like them, do as I did and cut up 2 onions to throw on the pizza. More is better, right? And if prosciutto scares you or you just don't want to pay $6 a pkg, by all means use bacon or deli ham. Just use it sparingly, because the onions are what makes this pizza pop!

Now that I have finished my review, I'm off to see if Dan forgot his lunch of leftover pizza and to eat it if he did. It's even good cold.


Linda C said...

mmmm...I took note of that recipe on her site too. Will definitely be trying it!

Yours looks so yummy:)


Crazy Mom said...

looks so yummy, Donette!

Sherry said...

I have always been a cook from scratch person but have been a little "lazy" about it latel. The Pizza recipe looks great and I do intend to try it.