Monday, February 09, 2009

Extra Fabric = French Memo Boards!

In an effort to redecorate Alli's room on a budget, I decided to make her a french memo board with some scrap fabric. So it all started with this one . . .
. . . then Elijah decided he wanted one, too . . . . . . and then I decided my craft area could use a memo board, and I had this extra fabric from a handbag that I LOVE, so I made #3 . . .
. . . only to find that I still had enough of this fabric to make #4 for downstairs.
Now every bedroom has one, as well as the hallway by the kitchen. I think this should be enough for now . . .


Miscellaneous From Missy said...

Hee-hee! Watch out, they'll take over! (At least they're pretty!)

The Wenthold Family said...

Where do I place my order???

Donette said...

Heather, you need to visit my quilt shop with me and I know you will fall in love with 100 fabrics and keep me in business for years to come!

Linda C said...

So pretty, Donette!

I would love to see a tutorial on how to make this! Any chance of sharing??:)

PS I have an award for you! Please stop over and pick it up for your blog:)

Linda C

Linda C said...

Donette, to get the awards onto your sidebar:

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At the top of your blog, click on Customize. You are now in Layout.

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It will open a Configure Image window. By Image -On Your Computer, click Browse.
Find the picture in your picture file and click on it and then click Open.
Your picture will appear and then click Save.

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You can click and drag these to where you want them in the list on your sidebar. After moving them, then always click Save again. (Until you click Save, it won't let you leave Layout to View Blog)

If you have any trouble, just give me a call and I can call you back- we have free long distance:)

Elizabeth said...

very pretty! I love memo boards! I made one for my room a while back and use it to display a bunch of pictures of family, friends, etc.

Karen said...

I want one. How cute. You crafty girl, you