Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Elijah at 5

We had weekend guests during the weeks surrounding Elijah's 5th birthday, so I wasn't able to post this. But here is my tribute to my eldest child, my buddy:

Elijah, you have been more excited about turning 5 than any other birthday in your short life. You started planning your party last fall. The necessary ingredients for your party included: balloons, spiderman masks, those things you blow that curl up and straighten out (you called them "woozles" - not sure where that came from) and a pinata. You also changed the guest list hundreds of times, always including girls, "to be fair" you said, and even kicking off some friends so there would be a place for Mrs. Lenz (thanks for relinquishing your spot, Sarah!).

You had so many gift ideas, but I love that you were satisfied with every one you received, as well as being content when you couldn't get every one you wanted. Although you already have a list for next year . . .
Things that I always want to remember about you at 5:
1. You learned to blow your nose . . . finally. At least, you convinced your grandma that you learned, so she would pay you the $10 she promised for "big boys who blow their noses."
2. You still love to cuddle.
3. You started wiping off my kisses and told me that you prefer Eskimo kisses. That kinda makes me sad, but I promised you that I would always kiss you anyway.
4. You love Lego's and use your imagination like crazy inventing strange and wonderful creations with them.
5. You make your own bed and get yourself dressed; you fold your own clothes and put them away (I try not to let my ocd nature take over and rearrange them); now if only I could get you to wash your own hair . . .
6. You love math, dislike reading lessons, but love that you are learning to read.
7. You tell Alli that you love her every day, and cry when she is in a mood and says "I don't love you."
8. You are convinced that you will learn to ride a 2 wheel bike this year, because Carra did last summer when she was 5.
9. Your idea of a good time is helping Dad with whatever project he is doing, and always dress the part of "the worker man."
10. You want to learn to sew, just like your mommy.
11. When I told you that I didn't think I was ready for you to be 5, you lectured me that "you can't change God's plan and His plan is for me to grow older." I'm being reminded of the sovereignty of God from my 5 year old. I love that.
Happy Birthday, Elijah. Your dad and I love you at least one billion. You are a joy to us. But try to stick with being 5 for a while, okay? Maybe another 3 or 4 years?


Crazy Mom said...

#11 - that's great!!! :)

sarah said...

Even so...Elijah is still invited to my birthday party!!! May not be quite so exciting though! :) Very cute post! So sweet!

Miscellaneous From Missy said...

love it!

Linda C said...

Such a big boy! I remember Elijah sitting in his carrier seat while we enjoyed our favorites salads in Lake Mills:)

Sweet post, Donette.
Happy Birthday Elijah:)

PS-sidenote:--did you know that Pioneer Woman was named one of Time's 25 Top Blogs of 2009? Crazy!