Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Handmade Christmas, part 3

Somehow I missed getting some pictures of a couple of gifts, so I'll have to show you these and tell you about the others.

These gifts were for Dan's side of the family, with whom we didn't celebrate Christmas with until New Years, so it gave me a bit longer to finish. I made these reversible cloth napkins for my mother-in-law, in the colors of her kitchen. We apparently have similar tastes, because these would match my kitchen and dining room, too! My trendy sister-in-law, Noelle, picked out this fabric from Anna Maria Horner as a favorite on a recent trip to the quilt shop, so I made a mental note and went back and bought enough to make 4 coasters . . .
. . . and 2 hot pads. Both were easy to make, so I might have to make some for myself this year!

I also made 2 more fabric footballs for our nephews and gave my sister-in-law Jennifer an "On the Town Diaper Pack" that holds a small package of wipes and 4 diapers. I've made a lot of those and one day, when I finally get around to opening an Etsy store, I'll list those for sale.
Well friends, this ends the 3-part series on my Handmade Christmas. Hope you liked it. I really enjoyed making all these gifts, but I resolve in 2009 to start a bit earlier! Maybe next month???


Sarah said...

Ok, I hadn't been on your blog in awhile.....and you have been extremely busy!!! Go girl--you are a quilting/sewing machine (no pun intended, honestly. :-)
I love those footballs! And your quilts are awesome. I can hardly wait to see your Etsy shop!!!

Linda C said...

I love all the new stuff that you have created, Donette!

You do really neat work. These are so special to give as gifts:) I bet you are already planning for what to make for next Christmas...?:)

I so glad you are having so much fun with it. Your quilting is amazing.

Stay warm this week!

Linda C