Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Painting Pottery

A few weeks ago the kids and I accompanied Dan on an overnight business trip and we visited a pottery painting store as a diversion while Dan was in meetings. I wasn't sure how much the kids would enjoy it, but my budding artists had a blast! We each chose a project and enjoyed the time we had to be creative.Alli chose a heart pendant to paint, and we all had the choice of 6 different paint colors to use. She opted for pink . . . that's all, just pink. So I suggested a little yellow, and this is what she ended up with.
Elijah chose a gift to give his dad, a mug with golf clubs on it. Dan doesn't golf, but the "I love my Dad" painted on the side made it special. Elijah really enjoyed painting it and was even more excited to show it to his daddy.
I chose to paint a plate, since I've always wanted a special celebration plate. It's rough - I'm no artist, but I'm happy with it and excited to use it! What a fun way to spend a couple of hours! I'm thinking this might be a fun project to do again.


sara's art house said...

I LOVE the plate! I have always wanted to try that.

Linda C said...

Great job --all three of you!! I'm not familiar with a celebration plate. Do you display it during birthdays, etc.? Sounds like a neat idea:)

PS- Love what you've done to your blog:)
Linda C

Donette said...

Hi Linda,
Yes, my plan is to use the celebration plate for birthdays and individual special days. I know a few friends who have one and I thought it was a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Great job on all three projects! I recently found an old painting of mine that my boys really liked. We're thinking of trying painting again too.

Name: Karen said...

Fun to read your blog and catch up with your life in Wisconsin!

Hugs to you.