Sunday, October 26, 2008

One of those weeks . . .

After a week full of

bumped heads,

and broken toes,
and my general weariness
(sorry, no picture of that). . .
My wonderful husband surprised me with these:

Thank you, honey. I love them and I love you.


Linda C said...

Sorry about your week--but beautiful flowers--way to go, Dan!!:)

Your too little ones are not so little any more. Time moves too fast!
Our little grandson turned 1 last week--can't believe it!
We've got to get together sometime before the snow flies- no wait-- flurries flew here yesterday! Yikes:)
~Hugs, Linda

Miscellaneous From Missy said...

Aww! :-D

Elizabeth said...

the toes weren't really broken, were they?

Donette said...

Actually, Elizabeth, he did break one toe. But don't feel too bad, I think he's forgotten about it already!