Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Another Reason . . .

. . . that I enjoy my "once-a-month-cooking" habit is that it frees up my kitchen during the day to bake my own bread or other goodies. I don't feel so overwhelmed at being in the kitchen "all day" because I know that dinner is already made, only needs heating up, and I am free to use my time to experiment with new side dishes or other fun recipes!

*This post is for my facebook friends who have been asking about my oamc fixation.

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Crazy Mom said...

I love it for the same reasons! Last night, I made banana bread, chewy granola bars, and dried apples. I didn't mind doing all of this, since all dinner required was heating up a meat mixture on the stove top, heating up mashed potatoes in the microwave, then layering them in a pan, and sticking it under the broiler for a couple of minutes. (We had Shepherd's Pie for dinner.) Besides that, I have fun visiting with you while we cook! :)