Thursday, September 27, 2007

This picture goes with my last post. He really likes the vest, until 6 o'clock on Monday night when it is time to leave for Cubbies. By the way, those are Dan's toes, and yes, I sewed the patch on all by myself. My mom should be proud.


argavin said...

Donette, I can't believe how grown up he looks! I was just doing some straightening and found his baby picture.
Thank you for recommending The Jesus Storybook Bible. I found your post about it while I'm in a Children's Literature class and it seemed like the perfect time to get it. I really like it!
I haven't seen you in forever . . . really appreciate reading what you have to say.

Sarah: said...

I agree--he looks so big!
Middle E started Cubbies this year too, and she was so excited to go with her big sister.
And we had to bribe them both to keep their vests on the whole night.....if they still had them on when we picked them up from class, they got a piece of candy. :-) Our kids were the only ones who would not keep their vests on~!