Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Missin' my Buddy

Elijah is visiting his grandparents this week, so we are all lonely without him. (Actually, we are working on our bathroom project - but that's another post.) I got these pictures of him from Grandma and Grandpa, and I thought I would share them with you.
Apparently he keeps promising Grandpa that if he can play with his UPS truck, then Elijah will let Grandpa play with his milk truck next time they are at our house! Who can resist such an offer?
Workin' in the garage - his favorite pastime.

This is Grandpa's other toy. I don't think Elijah has anything comparable to this that Grandpa can play with at our house!

This picture made me miss him even more. That's my big boy, little man!


Anonymous said...

Looks like Elijah's having a great time with his grandparents! When my older son was away at camp for a week, my younger son missed him so much. The days, though busy, seemed very long. It's hard when they are gone!

Crazy Mom said...

Those pictures are so sweet, it even makes me miss him! :)

Gretchen said...

Nettie -- you are a rock star for how much you promoted those books! I guess someone else called on Saturday to order some. We almost sold out. The academic buyer is using me as ammo with the company to try to prove that he should get his own blog (which I wholeheartedly agree!). I feel a little sheepish to be the center of such attention for my particular company -- it's better just to stay under wraps. I'd rather them not notice everything I write, you know??

Stuart, the other academic buyer gave me huge compliment by joking "yep . . . Gretchen and Justin Taylor". HA HA! I said my new blog's name would be "Between 2 books". HEE HEE!