Wednesday, August 01, 2007


My first trip to IKEA was very successful and I want to go back! I bought a few things, only one major purchase, but I got some great ideas for decorating and future purchases! Here's the picture of the toy bin I bought for Alli's room and the pictures I framed (about $12 total!) for her room.

Thanks for all the tips everyone gave me. It did take about 4 hours to get through the store. Now all I need to know is how to get IKEA to build closer to home!


Morning Rose said...

Cute purchases from IKEA! We passed a couple IKEA stores on our trip to Niagara Falls, but didn't have time to stop at one.

I wanted to ask about the two children's Bible books you recommended in an earlier post. Do you think these books would be good for older children (elementary age) or are they geared specifically to preschool age kids?

Crazy Mom said...

I love what you got at IKEA! Let me know when you think you might want to go again! :) I think I need to check it out!

hartgirlies said...

I am a country, vintage, rustic, shabby chic decorator by heart, but I love, love, love IKEA! I love all of their organizing items, kids plates and cups and kitchen you can eat there for $1.99!

Morning Rose said...

Thanks for the recommendation on the children's Bible books. I ordered both on Amazon and am looking forward to reading them with my boys. :)