Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Prayer Request

I have a prayer request for you all. My mom and dad are on vacation in Tenesee and my dad somehow cut his arm (he doesn't know how it happened). Well, they woke up on Sunday, their 35th anniversary, and his arm was swollen and sore. They went to the emergency room and he was diagnosed with a staph infection, treated with IV antibiotics and sent on their way.

Monday morning his arm was no better, so they travelled to the next town and went to the ER again, only to be told he would have to be admitted. It looks like he will spend the next 3-5 days in the hospital while they treat the infection. As you probably know, staph can be VERY dangerous. In fact, the doctor who is treating him thought she heard a heart murmur and questioned whether this could be a sign that the infection has travelled to his heart. If you know me well, you will remember that this exact thing happened several years ago and damaged his heart to the extent that he needed valve replacement. Back then, if they had waited a day longer, it probably would have taken his life.

So . . . please pray that the dr's will have wisdom in treating this. He is not sick at all, not running a fever (a very good sign that they caught the infection early), and is just sitting in a bed waiting and wanting desperately to be at home. They are travelling with a camping trailer and my mom doesn't feel comfortable towing it, so hopefully she will not need to move it before dad is released.

I'll update as I get more information. Thanks for praying.


Rachel said...

Praying for healing and for their peace and yours!

Crazy Mom said...

Praying for you & both your parents, for peace & for faith!

Hindto said...

Praying for you!

hartgirlies said...

We will be praying!