Friday, April 06, 2007

Focused on the Cross

I'll be honest here - It is easy for me, in the business of the day, to lose focus. Even when the day is important and I should discipline myself to stay focused, the inevitable happens and my mind wanders from where it should.

So today is Good Friday. I know a lot of schools and businesses are closed, and Dan is home today, and I found myself waking this morning to the thoughts of what the day will hold, what I NEED to get done and the ever-increasing, never decreasing list of what I WANT to get done.

Somewhere in the course of all these thoughts, I remembered what today was all about. And by God's grace, I have had a blissful day of focusing on the cross. My day did not consist (unfortunately) of endless reading and meditating in a quiet room, but I was able to finish C.J. Mahaney's The Cross Centered Life. (I'll post more on that another day)

As I went about my daily duties, which included running to Walmart and the grocery store (which, by the way, were a mad-house) I contemplated God's gift of His Son and how He purchased me that day on the cross over 2,000 years ago. I was tempted to be in a hurry, and to be impatient with the crowds, but the Holy Spirit gently reminded me of Christ's sacrifice and I found myself unbothered by the traffic. I listened to Christ-exalting music in my car in-between stops and sang along.

Tonight is our church's Good Friday service. Since I am on the worship team, I know which songs we will be singing tonight and I joyfully anticipate being able to worship corporately with my blood-bought family after a day of private worship in the mundane duties of life.

God is so great, and I hope to never lose sight of the glories of the Cross. I hope your Good Friday was indeed good, and that you continue to focus on the Cross.


Anonymous said...

Well said! We had a Good Friday as well, and look forward to resurrection Sunday.

He is risen! He is risen, indeed!

Gretchen said...

Nettie -- I can't wait to hear what cross-centered life was like! I need to really sit my butt down and READ!

I will TOTALLY need to chat with you about the conference. I am pretty sure I am going to go. Do you think it would be cool if I hung out with you and your friend there? I don't really know anyone else who is going, and I know Josh will have to work.

And of Louisville, I DO have tips on places and things! It is a GORGEOUS city with lots of fun and funky stuff. I just can't believe you will be coming to MY city in a couple months! :) It will be so GREAT to see you! Seriously, I am STOKED!