Tuesday, September 06, 2011

First Day of School 2011

It seemed like a late start this year, but we finally had our first day of school today.
Elijah complained that his handwriting wasn't nearly as good when writing with chalk, but I convinced him it was worth the picture. He is my perfectionist 2nd grader!

Alli did not complain, but she is about as much of a perfectionist as her older brother.

I had a couple of fun surprises for the kids on their first day . . .
including a package of Pop Rocks. My kids had never experienced the strange candy sensation that is Pop Rocks, and they did not fail in exciting them tremendously!

Elijah woke up to a new place mat with the solar system, as we will be studying astronomy this year in science.

Alli got a place mat that has instructions on how to set the table. She was so excited to use it for dinner tonight, and mommy was happy to allow her that responsibility!

Overall a good first day, even after a pretty rough start first thing this morning. The kids belong to a home school co-op that also met today, so they were excited to see their friends and attend the classes. With the fall weather we've had these past few days, it really felt like the start to a new school year. Let's hope and pray that we continue to go strong.


Rachel said...

Love your first day pics of the kids. The place mats were a great idea!

KR said...

Is that "the" kindergarten dress Alli has on?

The family Z said...

Yep, Kevin. It's "the" dress. I plan on posting about it soon, that is, as soon as I can get the other pics I want to include from mom!

Missy said...