Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Is it the New Year already?

*I found this post in my archives . . . I though it would be good to go over my resolutions from next year and see how I did, especially before I write my resolutions for this year!!
New Year, Same Resolutions

We've had a wonderful few weeks of celebrating Christmas with both our families, although that always involves a bit of travel. I'm winding down and looking forward to a few weeks with nothing big planned, and a chance to really think about my goals for the new year. Here are a few that I've come up with so far:

1. Resolved to stay in touch with my siblings more often - even if just through Facebook.
(side note to Erik and Kevin - the phone connection works both ways!)

Okay, I did keep in touch with them through Facebook more, but I need to work on this again this year!

2. Resolved to read through the Bible in one year - Dan helped me with this resolution by suggesting we do it together. I don't know if that will make it easier or more difficult. We see each other (awake, that is) only a few hours a day.
Well, this did not happen. We were doing so good and then got sidetracked when summer came and we've been hit and miss since then. This year we hope to finish where we left off, and focus on that time together in the Word, instead of frantically trying to check off the day's reading on the calendar.

3. Resolved to sew for fun, but to not let it take over my life and finances! Along with that resolution comes mine and Dan's desire to add a bit more color into our lives.
I definitely got this one! I only sewed one custom quilt, and mostly sewed only when I wanted to, taking major breaks during the warm weather. And I'm glad to say I did not go hog wild on fabric, although Dan is probably more glad about that feat than I am!

4. And the biggest resolution I have made is to strive to find the balance between serving in the body of Christ and knowing when to step back before I get so stressed that I have heart palpitations! That's an on-going struggle that I don't expect to fully solve - it's going to be a constant battle, but one that I'm hopefully more prepared for.
This one is still a struggle for me, although Dan and I are taking significant strides in making this true. We have come to the conclusion that our family is our first priority, even though church needs are important, too, we have failed to consider our family's needs when we try to be Superman for everyone around us. God is not honored when we try to "work" for Him in our own strength. A good friend reminded me that Scripture says that His yoke is easy and His burden light. And if I'm stressing out, it's because I'm doing more than He's called me to do, or I'm doing it in my own strength. Either way, I need to work on being a Mary instead of my usual Martha. Does all this even make sense?!?!

Well, that's my list so far. I'm sure I should add exercise and less sugar consumption, but I'm afraid if I write it down, someone will actually keep me accountable for it.

Stay tuned for my last installment of "Handmade Christmas" and some of my favorites of 2008!
Happy New Year Everyone!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Family Blog

FYI - We have a new blog, just for pictures, in case you are interested. This new blog is run by Dan, so you'll notice a lack of commentary I know you enjoy so much here! Basically it is for our families to keep up with all the pictures we take of the kids, but right now we have uploaded videos from Christmas morning. Stop on by if you are interested!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dinner with the Pioneer Woman

Thanks to the tasty new cookbook from my favorite blogger on earth, Christmas Eve dinner is going to be a tasty affair.

Here's the menu:

Beef Brisket (prepared in my new Nesco!)
7 Layer Salad (that's for my honey - it's his favorite) and

Dessert is being brought by friends - I'm sure it will be scrumptious!

I'm salivating already. Now off to the store!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Quilting

This is the advent calendar that I made for the kids this year. Finished it on December 1st - just in time to fill the pockets with candy and then let the kids take out Day 1's stash!
This is a stained glass nativity quilt. Although I love the finished look, I really struggled quilting it with a double needle. There are also 2 more patterns that hang on the side of the wisemen and the shepards, but I think I'll just be content with this one piece. I'm ready to start working on a traditional quilt again!
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