Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gas Prices

Has anyone else noticed as gas prices drop, the media bemoans how much money is being lost in the stock market, but when gas prices were soaring, they complained about all of the "average joes" who couldn't afford to take their summer vacations?

Are these people ever happy?


Josh said...

They will be happy when bo is in office. Then, all of the sudden, everything will have a rosy happy glow.... :)

shudson said...

I totally agree!! Brandon and I were also talking about how our economy may be bad, but maybe it will teach people to stop living beyond their means and going into debt. It's good for people to cut their spending. And who cares if businesses are going under. Isn't that part of our free enterprise system. You have the right to go into business, but no guarantee you'll succeed!

Linda C said...

I've noticed this also and any good news is followed by a dire warning that this good news can't last--something bad is coming -they are peddling doom and gloom.
Also in reporting about the economy, the media spread fear and depression and then later report that the consumers just aren't spending because they are afraid and depressed!
I agree with Josh's comment- it will be interesting to watch the turn-around to upbeat reporting after Jan. 20.

Sarah said...

NOPE! They have nothing to be happy about, so they might as well ruin all of our happy thinking. It is depressing at times....I am just so thankful for "the hope that lies within me", giving me peace about all of the "crises" in our land. :-)

Crazy Mom said...

last I saw, gas was $1.97 a gallon!!!