Thursday, April 03, 2008

A Few Updates

I have been itching to update my blog a bit, but I want to add some of my own photographs in the header and such, which I haven't had the time to do! So instead of completing all the changes at once, I added a few new elements that would be fun for you to check out.

1. I've added links to 3 friends - My brother Kevin, my friend and cherished babysitter, Elizabeth, and Sara's Art House. Check them out!

2. I've also added a section for fun sites I like to visit. Although I could probably write a seperate post on each site, I will save you from that now and just direct you to check out the sites.

My world was opened up after I discovered Etsy, so for all of you looking for unique gifts or products for yourself or family, Etsy is all hand made, so meander around a bit and get creative!

Farmgirl Fare has some great recipes and fun pictures of farm life. Read up on her profile to better understand what makes this site so cool.

Splitcoast Stampers isn't new to most of you stampers out there, but if you are looking for inspiration, there is no better site!

And Peas & Carrots - well, let's just say that I should have a post about this fun company soon. I'm waiting for a handbag and quick change to come in the mail, and then I will share!

That's all for now. Let's hope my tulips that Elijah and I planted last fall will come up and they will aid my new blog design.


Crazy Mom said...

Thanks for sharing! Now I have some new sites to check out!

Sara Mincy said...

I have not had time to look up all of these new sites, but I did just look at peas and carrots. THANKS for the tip- they are SO CUTE!!!! I love every single thing on there. Can't wait to see what you get from them.