Tuesday, March 11, 2008

10 Products That Make My Life a Little Better . . .

(in no particular order)
1. My Mary Kay Timewise 3-In-1 Cleanser. I start and end every day with it, and have never used a better product.

2. My dishwand. You know, the tube with a sponge attached that dispenses dishsoap as you wash. I can't remember the last time I filled a sink with water and used a washcloth. It makes for quick clean up for the dishes that can't go (or won't fit) in the dishwasher.

3. Curl refiner hair product. Either Aveda's Be Curly or Redkin's Curl Refiner. Scrunch it in after the shower and my curls stay soft and frizz-free all day. It makes my hair routine take all of 2 minutes.

4. Huggies baby wipes. How did I live without these for so many years? Not only do they clean up after a diaper explosion, but they wipe dirty faces, clean stamps, and remove makeup. What other all-purpose product does this?

5. Carmex. The original, made in Wisconsin product.

6. Tropical Twist Trident. Tasty gum that freshens my breath when needed. My purse is rarely empty of this product.

7. My Kitchenaid mixer. I use it more than I thought I would!

8. Music by Sovereign Grace Ministries. When I listen to music, one of their CD's is almost always my first choice. I haven't heard many other artists whose lyrics are so rich and theological.

9. Berres Bros. Coffee. What can I say - I like Starbucks, but NOTHING beats a hot cup of Highlander Grogg.

10. Settlers of Catan. I haven't tired of this game and haven't met many people who don't love it as much as Dan and I do. We have stayed up late too many nights playing with friends and never regretted it. Wanna come over for a cup of coffee and a game?


PinkAngel said...

I LOVE SETTLERS! We don't actually own it, but Ben always brings it to M&D's when we're all home and all the kids/spouses play it. Great game! Huggies baby wipes also take out fresh stains out of carpet really well - an old friend from play group taught me that! One of my fav. things: Tide-To-Go pens!

Karen said...

Oh, I just LOVED this post. Where do you get your great ideas?

I have to concur with you on 5,7,8, & 10.

Carmex, Kitchen Aid, Settlers, Sovereign Grace Music. To make 10 I would add:

Clorox Toliet Wands, iPod/Bose Soundock/iTunes (this counts as 1 right?) Clorox Wipes, on-line library services, my Toyota Sienna,

Karen said...

Oh, and we'd LOVE to come over for a game! I will be in MN for Easter. You guys going to be there/around Chisago then?

Miscellaneous From Missy said...

AAAHHH! Settlers is one of our family favorites! Clorox wipes are my indispensable product.

Jenni said...

What are your favorite Sovereign Grace Music CDs?

Donette said...

Ok, I admit that I didn't think this fully through. If I added an 11th idea, it would definately be Clorox wipes.

And Karen, the more we correspond, the more alike I find we are. I love my Toyota Sienna, my online library services and all things iPod related, too! (including the Bose sound system)

We won't be in MN over Thanksgiving, but we will be in the Rochester area the following weekend. That probably doesn't help, though. Keep informing me of your plans and we'll get together again sometime!

Jenni, my fave SG cd's are Worship God Live and The Valley of Vision. I just bought a couple more, but haven't had the chance to listen to them all the way through yet. I'll let you know if they are as good.

And all you Settlers fans, if you are going to be around my part of Wisconsin anytime soon, we are planning a Settlers tourney at our church because so many of our families play it! A day of Settlers with friends - who could ask for anything more?!?!

joshwenthold said...

I am going to have to disagree on the coffee Alterra is the ONLY way to go! :-)

Ryan E. D. Hawk said...

Not a bad list. I would add a few.

1. iTunes-I know Ipods are great, but iTunes has helped expose me to so much more than just what I know for music. To a point it is addicting, and very expensive.

2. David Crowder-I like Sovereign Grace, but can only take about 2-3 songs in a row before it sounds very redundant. David Crowder combines powerful hymns, songs and theology with his own eclectic modern styles, plus he has a great goatee and haircut.

3. Garmin Nuvi GPS and Navigational Systems-Men can keep their dignity by never asking for directions again.

4. With work we have Treo phones with Sprint access. Having personal email and internet at your fingertips within seconds at all times is a lifesaver. (It can also be very burdensome)

5. Matches-With two kids in diapers, and another one on the way, you can only take so much of poopy diapers. You can also insert a general candle list here.

6. I'm with you on the Berres Bros. over Alterra, but I'm adding my coffee grinder. A true lifesaver for fresh grounds at the right time.

7. In car/van dvd players for the kids, specifically on long trips. Enough said.

8. AT&T U-Verse- Over 300 channels with the ability to DVR-record up to four shows simultaneously, while watching a fifth. Are you kidding me?! And it's only $60?!

9. Sabor's Brazilian Barbeque/Grill in downtown Milwaukee. They feed you up to 15 different kinds of meat on skewers, and don't stop unless you tell them to. Great atmosphere, and a wine room with over 2,000 different bottles to sample. Unbelievably fun!


Crazy Mom said...

I have to agree with Ryan on the Garmin GPS!! I don't go anywhere without it, and it saved our marriage on our trip down to Florida! I didn't have to try to read the map in the dark, and my hubby didn't have to try to be patient with me while I was trying to read the map in the dark!!! Check my blog in the coming days - I'll be posting my own top 10 list soon!