Friday, July 20, 2007

Busy Week

Wow. It is finally Friday and the end of a VERY busy week. I have been meaning to post pictures of our camping trip, and once again, I have been too busy to get around to it. I will try to do it today or tomorrow.

Also, I have not forgotten that I need to post about the last 2 sessions of NA, with John Piper! Except now I am far enough removed from the sermons that I must listen to them again before I can adequately post my notes and make them make any sense to you or me! Now I just have to figure out how to import the (free download!) sermons from my hard drive to my iTunes. That will take my husband's help, no doubt.

In other news, I will be making my first trek to IKEA with my very pregnant friend, Sarah. I am so excited! I've seen their catalog and friend's pieces that they've bought, but never shopped their myself. We are making a day of it - I'm even getting a babysitter so it is just us! So all of you IKEA fans, you have until Tuesday to tell me what to expect. What are some pitfalls to avoid, what MUST I buy, what food do I eat?

Give me your thoughts!


Dawn said...

Hi Donette!

I'm an Ikea fan....I hope you enjoy your trek there! I love their plastic kids cups, plates, and bowls. They come sets of 6 (I think...for instance you can buy JUST cups/bowls/plates/etc) and are just the right size! I love their tableware for kids too, and it all matches the dishes. It's VERY inexpensive (I think somewhere around 1.50-2.00 for each set.)
I also love their over-the-door clothes drying rack. It's perfect for houses that need space-saving stuff.
The Ikea glasses I have are nice. They stack!! Those Europeans are REALLY into practicality.

DO: Take a little notepad to write down the name/item number of things you like. It's a HUGE place and it's nice to know exactly what you saw.

I hope you find some great stuff! My Ikea has a clearance section on the bottom floor near the checkouts...a great place to take a never know what you'll find.

Dawn Gearhart

PinkAngel said...

hi! Well, since we used to live near the IKEA, I was able to get there a few times. In fact, they were getting to build a second one just outside Chicago close to our home when we moved! Anyway, it can be a madhouse, but it's lots of fun. They have everything you can imagine. I like their kitchen gadgets (especially since I love to cook). Also love their little kid furniture. My friend Jess and I went down to the lowest level (like Dawn said) and got a kitchen table that was marked WAY down. She found a small crack on the bottom of it, and they gave it to her for $20 less than the clearance price. It's definitely worth the trip down to the Windy City.

Name: Karen said...

Well, when and if you figure out how to upload/download from websites (messages) to iTunes...will you help clue me in?

I laughed with you (not at you) regarding your rainy camping trip. Our first "real" camping trip was the exact same thing. It was the 4th of July 4 summers ago. We were all geeked and excited for the family "camping" way of vactioning....lone behold it POURED July 3rd all night. We snuggled down in our tents...satisfied with knowing we were on high ground. We all slept soundly, but the girls woke up and stood up absolutely drenched. Their sweatshirts were literally hanging off them as the water dripped off them. We spent most of the 4th of July in the laundramat. Uff Da.

However, we did brave it again and have the past 4 years. We even did Cape Cod for 10 days last summer camping!!!

I ditto Dawn about the stacking kitchen glasses. What pure genius! :) Much of what we are doing in the girls room has come from IKEA inspiration. Ours just opened last June right in the town we live. Literally 1 block from our house. From the girls bedrooms we can see the blue siding!

You should give Lake Michigan a try for camping...nothing beats it as far as Im concerened. Well, the Cape was great!